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The Grid protocol

The Grid is a Push-Native, Federated and Decentralised Event bus designed around privacy (EU GDPR) and self-hosting. It is an alternative protocol to Matrix.


We are currently building the first client and server implementations, and a first test network is online.

See the Sunrise milestone for the current progress.


The following bootstrap documents explain what The Grid is in more details, how it came to be, differences with Matrix, how the protocol will be managed by the non-profit and how documentation should take place.

Getting Started

The protocol specification is currently hosted in the Specification group. Please also look at the open Merge Requests which will contain the Work In Progress. Reviews are extremely welcome!

You can join the test network using Gridepo and either a Matrix client or Soler. Please let us know if you start working on your own implementations: we will add them here so people can try them out too.

WARNING: The test rooms on the test network are often reset to allow upgrades of algorithms and databases until the specification has reached v0.1


Visit us on:

  • Matrix

  • Telegram: @thegrid_matrix