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# The Grid
The Grid is a fork of the Matrix protocol with a different set of core values and a true community management.
It aims to be care more for privacy and much more friendly to self-hosted infrastructures.
# The Grid protocol
The Grid is a Push-Native, Federated and Decentralised Event bus designed around privacy ([EU GDPR]( and self-hosting. It is an alternative protocol to Matrix.
## Status
We are currently putting it all together before official kickoff.
We are currently building the first client and server implementations, and a first test network is online.
See the [Sunrise]( milestone for the current progress.
## Documents
The following bootstrap documents explain what The Grid is in more details, how it came to be, differences with Matrix,
how the protocol will be managed by the non-profit and how documentation should take place.
- [Project Overview](docs/
- [Governing Body](docs/
- [Documentation Principles](docs/
## Getting Started
The protocol specification is currently hosted in the [Specification]( group. Please also look at [the open Merge Requests]( which will contain the Work In Progress. Reviews are extremely welcome!
You can join the test network using [Gridepo]( and either a Matrix client or [Soler]( Please let us know if you start working on your own implementations: we will add them here so people can try them out too.
> **WARNING:** The test rooms on the test network are often reset to allow upgrades of algorithms and databases until the specification has reached v0.1
## Contact
Visit us on:
- Matrix
- [](
- [](
- Telegram: [@thegrid_matrix](